Next month I decided to do some traditional advertising. Naturally to create the add can cost anything from a couple of hundred to five hundred dollars. While that’s ok, I teach you in our course how to make them your self so I figured I better practice what I preach. So here it is.

Online Business training

What Software

So I made this with an old copy of Photoshop CS2. I know graphic artists like to use the latest but I find it confusing and also this old version was very cheap as people don’t like using it because its old but this type of work it is perfect. I picked it up at a garage sale for $30 with license.

How Did I Do It?

When I started teaching young people and orphans in Thailand I had to devise a system they could do easily and was simple to teach and get results quickly. I devised a system called mix and match which accomplished this and they were able to do work almost immediately. Well teach you this exact same system.

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