As most businesses and marketers know video has become an important tool for businesses. Sites like Youtube and Vimeo have grown incredibly over the past few years and provide great video training tutorials plus much more.

I remember the day we got to see the guys move Youtube from a garage to their first office and it was not that long ago.

The domain name “” was activated on February 14, 2005, and the website was developed over the subsequent months.

The creators offered the public a preview of the site in May 2005, six months before YouTube made its official debut. Like many technology startups, YouTube was started as an angel-funded enterprise from a makeshift office in a garage.

Video Production can be scary for many!

Producing video used to be a very expensive exercise and equipment and software out of the reach to the average person.

Today there are a lot cheaper options that will produce high quality 1080 HD quality video even on a mobile phone.

If you own an iPhone 4, 4s or 5, iTouch or iPad then you need to check out the World’s first iPhone Video training programme!

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Online Video Training Sites.

There are also many great free video channels that will show you many tips and tricks that are invaluable.

Digital Juice has been around for years and we buy different video footage and packages from them every now and then and have learnt a lot from their free video training at Digital Juice TV. You can access this video training on their official site or through their DJTV Youtube Channel

So last week I wanted to do an interview so simply searched DJTV for how to do it and get some tips. Here is what I found and it worked great.

 Another great place is Vimeo Channels and they have a lot of great ideas. One Channel I watch is this one

 Getting Your Video Seen and Ranked is The Online Video Marketer’s Guide – The world’s leading resource for news, analysis, tips and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries.

Their videologists & columnists offer expert advice, guidance, and commentary about the world of online video in an effort to guide internet marketers and video content producers towards best practices and online video services that suit their needs.
Their goal is to help evangelize for the industry, collect and disseminate best practices, and learn a little bit while doing it.

This is just a small sample of what we offer at the Web Marketing For Profit Institute.

If you are looking for a coaching system to help your online assets to produce a good ROI then we can help you with interactive Video Tutorials, Video Training resources and live coaching.

We run our online business every day so you are not just getting up to date information but the things we do every day to make money online.

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