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What is Affiliate Marketing

This is a course I did a few years ago but still relevant today. I refer back to it often. It is not just to sell affiliate products but to discover what other affiliates do so you can copy the best. Also have a look at Affiliate products for places to sell your products and also Clickbank.

Once you understand what it takes to be a great affiliate you can then apply this to your business and recruit your own affiliates to help sell your products.

We would like to recruit you as one of our affiliates and pay you.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service online – for a share of each sale you generate and visa versa when someone promotes your products.

When you do this – you are known as an “affiliate.”

Because someone else has already created the product and the marketing material for their offer – all YOU have to do is introduce interested visitors to their offer online – using SIMPLE, FREE & LOW COST methods.

In return, you can often get paid 50% or more for each new customer your efforts bring in!

This makes affiliate marketing one of the BEST METHODS for making your first dollars from the internet.

I know this for a fact, because I have many affiliates promoting the products and software my company creates – and they make good money at it. We also promote a number of affiliate products to our clients and customers. My first 5 years online was mostly doing affiliate marketing.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

Affiliate marketing is carried out online and all affiliate marketers get their compensation on each transaction. In affiliate marketing the kind of products sold are those that are purchased only one time by the customer. Thus the more the marketer sells, the more his or her chances at gaining income online. The compensation plan in affiliate marketing is purely based upon performance benchmarks.

Thus the more the sales, click throughs and registrations the affiliate marketer manages to get, the more the chances of income. The actions which will result in compensation are outlined between the marketer and merchant before starting the contract.

What is network marketing?

The compensation plan in network marketing is quite similar to affiliate marketing. However, the main difference is in the number of levels through which compensations can be achieved. The sponsoring company can pay the network marketer up to several or even unlimited levels.

However, the original agreement will outline the restrictions in the maximum amount of payment as well as the maximum number of levels the payout can reach. Usually individual arrangements and contracts will differ from one network marketing program to another. This makes comparison quite difficult. The network marketer earns a direct referral fee which is a result of his recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. He may also avail a leverage fee which is due to his “downlines” referring their friends and associates into the network layers.

Below you will find the advanced affiliate marketing videos. As sites change regularly some of the screen shots may look different however the info is the same so you may have to look for the correct url when doing the workshop.

  1. Introduction (above)
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing
  3. How to Sell as an affiliate
  4. Creating a website
  5. Your Sales Page
  6. Advertising Strategy
  7. Finding the perfect niche
  8. Becoming a Leader
  9. Selling physical products
  10. Scaling up

These days we can also add social media to this mix.

Marketing – Affiliates

List BuildingSocial MediaPay Per Click – Affiliate – ViralSales Funnel


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