In today’s market a mobile website is essential. 

Many of the new websites today use what is called a responsive website.  These adjusts to any screen size and so do not need a dedicated mobile website unless you want to add some different features for mobile users.

Unfortunately many websites today do not have a responsive website or a mobile website. This is sad for that business when you look at the stats.



In a recent survey of small businesses more than half (52%) of respondents said their website is mobile-optimized thanks to the increased use of mobile phones.

Additionally, 14% of US small businesses said because of the increase, they built mobile-optimized emails, and 11% said they use SMS marketing.

Perhaps surprisingly, 40% of small businesses have done none of these things. A separate survey from RBC Capital Markets also found that most small and medium-sized businesses based in the US still don’t have a mobile-optimized website. However, the share that does has grown significantly over the past year.

Old Website Was the Main Reason For no Mobile Website

The reason many of these businesses have not installed or upgraded to a mobile websites is varied.

  • Old HTML site is harder to mobilize – easy to add stand alone mobile website
  • Have no access to update – A little research can find this out
  • Web developer out of business – Your site site can be moved easily.
  • To expensive – not as much as you may think

Many of these can easily be fixed for a small outlay or a DIY solution.

What Sort Of Mobile Website?

Having worked with many different customers from around the world we have noticed that most people access a mobile website for a limited amount of information. By looking at the statistics for your desktop site you can work this out easily.

The basics will cover the majority of sites and allow a link to the main site if more information is required.

The basics are:

  • Tap to call so people can easily call you
  • A map so they can easily find you
  • A contact form so they can contact you
  • About so they can see who you are

Alternative pages unlimited:

  • Videos re products and services
  • Graphics
  • Products and services
  • ecommerce
  • and many more.

Business Mobile Websites

This is mainly for older sites that do not have responsive  pages but would still like a mobile presence!

Introduction from CEO Quentin Brown

Over the last 15 years we have been building websites for businesses. As we know Google now ranks a website on whether it has a mobile component. There are millions of these older sites that have no mobile website.

One of the most asked questions over the past 12 months has been can you make mobile websites for my business

The answer of course is yes and in these tutorials I will take you through the whole process of how you can generate a nice income from building mobile websites or simply use it to build your own.

Special New PHP Templates and 22 video tutorials

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Web Marketing For Profit Getting Started

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