What Is A List?

A list in the old days was created by filling out forms or sending in coupons from newspapers, magazines or at various different promotions. They would then send you a gift etc and follow up with promotional material. One of the ones I remember most that did this the best was the Readers Digest.

Today things are very different and lists can be developed through a huge number of different mediums.

You can have Facebook friends, Twitter, email lists and mobile SMS lists.

Which ever list you decide to build their are some simple things to follow to make sure it works for you. The real secret is to concentrate on targeting your customers.

Lots of people built huge lists in the past however most were freebies so when it came to selling them something they unsubscribed or worse, complained bitterly. For this reason it is very important to plan your list building strategy before you start.

Types of Lists!

Nearly every course on the Internet today, related to building a list, talks about email marketing, however the marketplace has changed and there are a huge variety of list building platforms around today.

Email Marketing

So the main one is still Email Marketing and your list is built by creating lead capture pages or providing newsletters etc. Here people signup to get a product or service in leau for their email address. There are literally hundreds of different products around to create these lead capture systems however they can be easily set up with little to no cost.

Social Marketing lists

There  are hundreds of social marketing sites around today and most are built in list builders. The difference is you build your relationship with people in an ongoing basis.

Mobile SMS

A new market, though it seems like its been around forever, is mobile marketing. Using mobile websites and sms systems you can build a great list for your business. This is especially good for businesses that have specials like restaurants.


Telemarketing involves contacting potential customers over the phone to sell products or services. Telemarketing is capable of generating new customer prospects in large volumes. However, a successful campaign involves planning and using accurate and well-researched customer data to match customer profiles to product profiles.

Leaflet marketing using letterbox drops and handouts

Distributing well-designed leaflets or flyers through letterbox drops and handouts can work well for a local business whose products or services appeal to a broad audience. It is a simple, inexpensive and effective way of reaching customers, although it is a less targeted form of direct marketing.

Video List Building

Now most people think of linking their video to a squeeze/lead capture page however you can use programs like Youtube to build a great list of followers and market to them direct through Youtube. Instead of sending them to your site create a channel and get them to subscribe.

Of course once you decide on your lead capture strategy you then need to provide quality content and interact with your prospects. You can also link up various systems like Youtube to your Facebook page to your website.

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