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In developing our DIY Online Business Course we wanted to provide some different ways for you to access the information so there would be no limitations.

To achieve this we put the Online Business Course on a USB which we will send to you, plus we created a responsive website with the same information so you can access it on your TV, desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. You will also get access to our blog, the forum and our webinar platform. On top of this we can provide additional downloads and new material.

I just made a short video of my Mobile Phone screen so you can see it in action.


Purpose of Course

The whole purpose of the Online Business Course is to show you the tools and tactics that I used to build a successful online business over the past 15+ years. In the beginning I only made a few extra hundred dollars a month but even this made a difference to our families lifestyle.

When I started my online business I was working so it was meant to be supplemental income as I loved my job. Over the years it grew and developed till in December 2003 I was retrenched but I had also built up a good business so I prefer to think I transitioned from a worker to an entrepreneur. I have never looked back.

Talk To Me.

There are lots of courses around with some of the information I am providing however most do not back it up so if you want to talk to me then book a call and we can chat on the phone, skype, facebook or in our private members room. Just use the contact form.

Not only can you talk to me but I hope to build a community where you can talk to all the other students as well. Remember all the Online Business Course tutorials you need will be sent to you on a 16 gig USB Stick to save you bandwidth and time plus as a backup it is also on a website for access via all devices.

USB-Training-drive start your own online business DIY Online Business Course

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your
business grow. So come order yours today.


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