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There are lots of great online business video training sites around however we like to say we have got some of the best from around the world. With over 500 video tutorials on everything from Web Design to Photoshop and everything in between we aim to help you establish your online business like no other.

If you go to the menu there you can see the wide range of subjects covered.

Setting Up Your Online Business

There are a lot of bits and pieces to set up a successful online business. Of course there are lots of businesses offering short cuts however they also want the credit.

Basically if you get your own domain and hosting then add some good quality content about your business then you have a good base to springboard off. This should not cost a lot and it does not have to be to glossy.

One of the keys to any good online business is how to use and create graphics. We show you how to use Photoshop but also a free program called Pixlr.

Pixlr is a great graphics tool that uses layers similar to Photoshop. It is great for businesses as you can create lots of things for your business quite simply without the huge expense of Photoshop.

There are 3 modules in this Pixlr Videos Pack! You can access Pixlr by going to and for the main editor go here


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