Get Ready For A Great Product And Support

Here I am in the middle of releasing a new product which will help you do exactly what I do, which is creating products and services to sell online and off. So here is my online product development process.

online product development process

So I have just finished doing my testing. I am selling a USB stick with a whole lot of training and supporting it with a website, online conference room and forum so people can ask questions. I am selling it all over the world with free shipping. I sent it to some friends in Australia (where I live) Thailand, US, Canada, UK and New Zealand as a Test and the longest was 10 working days.

I am now just getting ready to do my market launch and needed some videos and add material for the launch. Now I am no videographer or video king and being a little older than most a bit shy on camera so I manage it with stock graphics and short snappy powerpoint presentations.

Part of the video is to get a nice intro so I bought this one for $5 remembering to work smart not hard.

On top of this as I said I wanted some nice graphic adds so I bought this graphics package for $5 and got all I wanted in what they call a flat format. These are usually resale products which give you the rights to do whatever you want and the graphics are all royalty free.
work smart not hard
So that’s just a few tips and tricks you can do when creating your product and if you want to know more why not pick up a copy of our new USB stick training today. Once you purchase it we will enrol you in the online course so you can get started and then pack and ship off your USB.
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