Over the next few months I am going to start a series of free tutorials on how to set up an online business. These will not be a set of pre recorded sesions but live, ask lots of questions and see on screen shares etc how to do stuff.

We will be using zomm and I only have room for 20 people and I will not be recording them however will repeat the project if people like it.

I will start off at 1 a week however if everyone is excited I can do more.

Who Am I?

My nake is Quesntin Brown and I have been running my own online business for over 20 years. I have built websites for companies in over 34 countries, developed software and programs which have been used widley, developed training and coaching programs here in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Some of this training was with disadvantaged youth so have learnt how to make it easy which will help you understand. We also trained many everyday people how to set up their own business.

This will be what we call Donation Ware and you can attend for free however if you find them beneficial I would appreciate a small donation. We will give you info on this at the end of the meeting.

These will not be pre recorded videos but live training where you will be able to ask questions.

Here is a video of training for this program so you can see me at work however I will be doing it live with ZOOM. In the message tell us what you hope to learn?

Just email us to book your place.


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