We provide affordable small business support for online web marketing and IT projects

Web MarketingWeb marketing for profit was originally set up as a support system for young underprivileged entrepreneurs that we trained in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We used to run a 3 week intensive course to train them with everything to do with online business. We now do online seminars and use this site to train many of the students and use many of the old students as live teachers.

We use this site to train you and them on how to build websites, graphics, copy writing and much more. Most of our students have gone on to get great jobs or set up their own business and we continually support them through this site.

What We Provide Them and You

Hosting and Website

The first and most important part of the program is to provide an industry standard hosting package and website so you can promote your business online. We not only provide quality hosting but also load WordPress for you and teach you how to use it to promote or sell your own products and services. You can do all this on your own domain.

We also add the best plugins and will research any added ones you may want. Link it to your main social bookmarking accounts and much more.

Graphics and Text for your site and marketing

A website is mainly text and graphics plus some media. Our course will show you some very quick and easy ways to use Photoshop and some free graphic programs to develop graphics that you can use on your website and also use on sites like Pinterest and Instagram to help promote your business.

Audios and Videos

Your site will be able to handle audio and video files and we will take you through various ways to promote your business using these formats. We will also show you ways to create simple media files without the huge expense.

These can be used to help with support, highlight your product and services plus create training on how to use various products and services.

Mobile and Tablet Ready

Nearly everything these days is going mobile so we will help make all your online marketing mobile friendly so you can reach the widest market. We show you how to make a mobile website if your current site does not support it.

So for example this company had a great site but you could not read it on a mobile so we were able to create a site for them and link to a QR Code. Have a look here.

Magazines and eBooks

A great way to engage clients is to create unique content around your products and services so as you gather a lot for your website you can then compile it into eBooks or magazines. Basically they are the same format using PDF as the main delivery as it covers all platforms.

The main difference is the cover art and the basic layout and we will show you some simple way to create them. See our latest magazine below and they are great to view on your tablet.

Web Marketing Support

We have numerous tutorials to help your business get noticed on  the Internet plus if we don’t then we will go and research it for you. We can also arrange skype calls, help with technology and much more.

QR Codes

Its not just a course its a resource

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