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eBooks Magazines and Reports One of the courses on our new training program is about how we produce different published material. Basically these products are all made the same however the main difference being in the formatting of the information. eBooks – these are mainly like any type of book in that they have chapters

Join Me In This New Business

As you probably know electricity providers in NSW, Victoria and Queensland Australia have been de-regulated and a new player on the market has joined forces with Click Energy to create a whole new business model to sell electricity and also provide offsets to make the process green and more sustainable. Come Lets Grow Together Below

Free Online Business Foundations Course

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We have a great FREE foundations course for anyone wanting to develop their own online business either for a full time or supplemental income. These are the foundations to my 15 year old online business. We have just upgraded the course so it can be viewed on any device from mobile to TV. Here is

Best WordPress Responsive Theme I Use

Content for different devices
Lots of people ask what wordpress theme I use. Mostly I use a responsive theme. I use one from Themeforrest called Kallays. Purchase Kallyas Here What is a responsive Theme. A responsive theme is a way to provide your content over a multitude of platforms such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. You create your