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Marketing My New Business

marketing business
Now that our business is set up and we have started trading we need to start adding to our marketing efforts. This is some of the ways we are marketing our business and it involves some online and offline work. Facebook I have some free videos for you. Members can get them all free however these

Staffing and Suppliers

Depending on your business model eventually you will need staff and suppliers if your business is going to grow and be successful. Lets look at staffing first. Choosing Your Staff! We can learn a lot from other businesses. Making the work place fun and keeping it fresh and alive will always help maintain staff morale.

Set up and Pre Launch

My Donut Shop
My shop is being set up in a shopping center so we had to do the design etc before we started. Also we were able to organize it as a pop up so we get 3 months casual lease to test our research which is a great way to start. What are all the things

Where do I find my business idea.

Most people when they start a business are introduced to it by a friend or colleague. In this case it was my son who found the idea. There are a number of steps that are hard to lay out for you however obviously many things have to align in your life for the business to be